Happy Feet i Union

Union vil gerne have flere lukkede hold ind i klubben. Foreløbigt spiller to lukkede hold seniorhold 7 mands i klubben, som begge klarer sig flot. Det ene hold går under navnet Happy Feet og de ligger pt. i toppen af deres række med 8 sejre og 1 nederlag og en målscore på 54-18. Nedenfor fortæller træner Femi Adisa om historien bag holdet.

Happy Feet are a bunch of friends who mostly met from playing 7M football all around Copenhagen. In the 2015/2016 off season, we decided to join the DBU Futsal league and registered a team via Valby Boldklub. We started in series 2 and missed winning the league by playing a draw on the final game of the season.  We won automatic promotion to Series 1, however.

In the 2016/2017 season, I started coaching Brønshøj BK 3 (Serie 3). And naturally, I took most of the guys with me. Some ended up playing more with Brønshøj BK. 2 (Serie 1).

In the off season, we went back to Futsal but we chose to move our team from Valby Bk to Brønshøj BK and so we had to start all over again from Series 2. We won automatic promotion to Serie 1 in Winter 2016/2017 and last season 2017/2018, we missed out on winning the pool in the last game of the season, AGAIN! But we won automatic promotion to KS of DBU Futsal league.

When I decided to take a break from coaching for this season, I left my position at Brønshøj, but wanted to continue with Happy Feet. I saw a Facebook post that said one could form a closed team at Union and this appealed to me because I lived just down the street from GenforeningsPladsen. I used to come jogging there to prepare for pre-season. I thought it would also appeal to the guys because the location was much more accessible for everyone.

Our biggest dilemma was whether we wanted an 11M or a 7M team.  It was almost an equally divided opinion, but experience has taught me that to successfully have a competitive 11M team, you will need much more numbers and variation in positions, than we currently have and they must also be dedicated to training 2x a week. And so we decided to go for 7M. We had 3 goalkeepers before the season, 1 broke an arm in preseason, another broke a leg at work before the season started and the third was away on the first day of the season and someone else had to step in… you get the picture.

We definitely want to win the pool outright, as we believe we should be playing in the 7M Masters division, we will have to work our way up as fast as possible.  We were offered a 7M Masters place at Brønshøj, as the current team wanted to move on to Old Boys, but like I said, the location of Union was much more accessible and after meeting John Emil, I was sold.

In the close season, we would like to bring our futsal team into Union from Brønshøj. John Emil has applied to DBU to preserve our KS promotion status. So far they have offered us Series 1 but we will keep knocking.

You might also see some members of Happy Feet integrating into some of the other teams at Union. I myself, am considering signing up with the M+ 40 øst team.

The name Happy Feet came about when we had to choose a name for our team for the annual 7M tournament that we play in Prague every June. We were 3rd last year and our plan is to bring home the cup this year!

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